The first meme token on Chad Chain Avalanche with real utilities
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Designed for StarMech & Avalanche community
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universe of meow!
Enter the realm of innovation and utility with Supermeow, the pioneering meme token thriving on Avalanche, represented by the $SUPER token.
Born from the visionary minds of the StarMech foundation team, Supermeow represents the fusion of meme culture, gaming, and groundbreaking technology on the Avalanche blockchain. Crafted with the StarMech and Avax community in mind, this token transcends traditional boundaries, offering real utilities while embracing the playful essence of meme culture.

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey where creativity meets functionality, and where the power of decentralized finance intertwines with the spirit of collaboration. Welcome to Supermeow, where the universe is our litter box, and every meow is a leap into the unknown!
Meow meoww...
I'm your Maneki-neko!
In the heart of Avalanche, Supermeow emerged as a beacon of innovation and community spirit.
Born from the first ERC-404 game on AVAX
Equal distribution model benefiting thousands of STA-Key holders
Offering rewards to users across projects in the Avax ecosystem
Aim to bring luck to the Avax community
Supermeow symbolized fairness and inclusivity in the crypto space, pushing the boundaries of what was possible on Avalanche.
StarMech is at the forefront of advancing the Avalanche community, with a core focus on promoting public ERC404 gaming and highlighting Avalanche's distinct advantages. Through pioneering initiatives such as their ERC404 game and harnessing the latest Avalanche Technology from the Stavax subnet, StarMech is reshaping the gaming landscape while fostering inclusivity.

Utilizing the StarMech Key Airdrop for 40%, Social Airdrop for 2%, and Farming for 48%, Aligned with StarMech, Supermeow's mission prioritizes community enrichment and the advancement of the entire Avalanche ecosystem, promising a future of opportunity and growth for all involved.